Tyson Chicken Marketing Plan Essay

Tyson is one of America’s largest processed food producing companies. The headquarters of Tyson foods is located in Springdale Arkansas. The company doesn’t only have market presence in America but in fact dominates most international food markets.

The aim of this marketing plan is to understand the current strategies being adopted by Tyson and suggest improvements where necessary. A key focus of this plan would be to understand the marketing strategies of industry.

Tyson can not only learn these marketing strategies but in fact adapt and adopt them for their own benefit.



Research of meat and chicken products market

The market today is occupied by a small number of key manufacturers which serve the needs of 80% of the total market of chicken/meat and delicatessen products. That is why it is important to understand how  the company can win customers, especially when its main activity is production of mass-market products? In order to successfully compete in the market, the manufacturer must take into account the peculiarities of the market:

– The market has reached saturation. Rules of the game are dictated by the conditions of tough competition, according to which consumers choice is determined by the products range, quality and pricing.

– Branding plays an important role, however, most of the actions of consumers in choosing products occurs spontaneously.

– Excess of chicken and meat products in retail outlets directs the manufacturer to produce high-quality branded products, finding new niches and creating innovative products.

– One of the main demands of the consumer to the product is consistent quality.

In researching  the market of meat products it should be taken into account the fact that the crisis of 2008 has  reduced consumer demand for all meat products. Since the purchasing power of consumers has fallen, the demand for meat products, chicken and deli meat has decreased considerably. This process influenced the company Tyson also, as this market is very dynamic and has a typical higher level of competition than in other food markets.

Manufacturers of meat products  have to work in conditions associated with constant risk. On the one hand, the market for chicken products and deli meats is very dependent on the proposals and level of consumption of chicken and meat products, and on the other hand, meat products, being perishable produts, have  certain difficulties of distribution and sale.

Also consumer tastes over time become more selective and it is necessary to take into account not only the immediate future, but in the long term. Times when the consumers  could buy any product passed, and now with higher incomes and improving living standards, the demand for quality and gourmet category increases. However, the consumer all the time have to make a choice, because the market propose a lot of different brands and types of chicken and meat products:  “What to  choose? What to prefer? What is more tasty? “  The demand for gourmet products is rising, but still has not developed a culture of consumption of delicacies as the consumer can not set priorities among major producers, being lost in the choice of products offered to him. In the premium segment of meat products of great importance is the quality of products offered, and the price is not so significant.

In recent years, manufacturers of meat products began to use the experience of competition from abroad and have been paying more attention to the design of their products, use of new kinds of shell allowing to increase the product life, production of standard-piece goods (produced in a standard weight). This makes the products more competitive.

Value of products of different price niches annually changes in the direction of price increasing: today the meat / chicken products in  expensive segment accounts for about 30% and its share is increasing annually by 2-3%. It would seem that the situation in the country is changing in the direction of improvement, economic prosperity is growing.

The basis of the trends in meat product market is that “quality  is everything”, as consumers are first of all looking for the highest quality products, without worrying about price. That is why company like Tyson (that makes products  of highest quality and premium) can make emphasis on the quality of the product. So, ensuring the consistent quality is the primary goal of producers, because it is consistent quality that is the main focus of Tyson brand. Premium brand naturally attracts consumers – innovators and thought leaders, who create good company image and attitudes.

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