Why I Like to Be a Veterinary essay

The life on our planet is extremely diverse but often people forget that they are just one of the species inhabiting the Earth. This is why I their actions are often destructive to the environment and animals suffer a lot from the intrusion of people in their life. As a result, many wild animals gradually disappear and even domestic animals often have serious health problems. I think that we must help the animals and create conditions that would be natural for them.

In this respect, it is necessary to prepare specialists which can cure animals and provide them with efficient treatment in order to minimize the negative impact of human intrusion in their life. This is probably why I decided to become a vet.

In fact, I was always interested in veterinary. To put it more precisely, I always liked animals and when I saw that animals suffered from some injury or disease I could not afford it and attempted to do my best to help them, though, in my childhood I had little options to help animals. Basically, I could simply brought them to a vet who could really cure them. In such moments I admired these professionals, who seemed to be some magicians that can save animals’ life. As I grew older I realized that I would really like to be a vet. I feel that I can be helpful and, what is more, being a vet, I can do the job I like that is very important to me.

At the present moment I am studying at theUniversityofTorontobut I would like to enter theUniversityofSydney  for the veterinary science program because I suppose this will be a great experience that will help me become a real professional and realize my dream.

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